Three Brothers emigrated from Clarholz Germany

Their father explained to them that since the youngest son inheirited the farm, per tradition, they would have the best opportunity in life if they emigrated to America. Johann and Everhardt came to the US about 1850, and Christoph about 5 years later. Christoph at 15 years old, made arrangements with a captain of a small sailing vessel for
Johann Muckermann 1830-1909
5 Nov 1830 -20 Nov 1909

(wife Anna Maria Helmer born 1835- died 24 dec 1891)

(He later married Christina Recker
b 1836, m 30 May 1893, died 23 May 1921 )
Everhardt Muckermann 1834-1902
Born 14 Jul 1834 in Clarholz,W,Germany
Died 25 Mar 1902 in Creve Coeur, Mo.

Maria Katherina Fellmeier 1830-1901
Born 4 July 1830
Died 18 May 1901 in Creve Coeur, Mo.

Married 3 Nov 1862

Christopher Herman Muckerman 1840-1913
Born 23 Apr 1840 in Clarholz,W,Germany
Died 4 Oct 1913 in St Louis, Mo

Clara Wilhelmina Schulte 1845-1909
Born Dec 1845 in Bucks, PA
Died 5 Dec 1909 in St Louis, Mo

  • Gertrude Muckerman Buxell 1856-1906 Calvary
  • Edward Muckerman 1859-1894
  • William Frederick Muckerman 1864-1926
  • John Christopher Muckerman 1867
  • Anna Catharina Muckerman 1869
  • Clara Wilhemina Muckerman1872
  • Christopher John Muckerman1875-1944
  • Henry Muckerman 1878
  • Elizabeth "Lizzie" Muckermann 1863-1891
  • John Muckerman 1865
  • Mary Anna Muckermann 1867-1868
  • Mary Elizabeth "Mary" Muckermann 1884-1952 (sp Ortmann)
  • John Christopher Muckerman 1871
  • Christopher Edward Muckermann 1872-1956
  • Anna Maria Muckerman 1874-1956
  • Clara Wilhelmina Muckermann 1880-1958
  • Frank D Muckerman 1860-1894
  • Ignatius C Muckerman 1865-1921
  • John C Muckerman 1868-1951
        (***my gg-gfather)
  • Ludwig Edward Eberhardt Muckerman 1870-1877
  • Elizabeth C Muckerman 1872-1963
  • Alexander Henry Muckerman
  • Edward L Muckerman
  • Christopher Herman Muckerman 1881-1944
  • Clara Francis Muckerman Bardenheir
  • Alexander Joseph Muckerman 1888-1936


    Map of Muckermann, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany

    This page presents the Google satellite map (zoomable and browsable) of Muckermann in Nordrhein-Westfalen region in Germany.
    Geographical coordinates are 51° 56' 00" N and 81° 12' 00" E and its feature is Farm. More informations below.

    Check this out, zoom in and out

    Maybe we need to visit this place someday


    Anne BB gave me some muckerman stuff I think we already have.  She has a note on there she wnet to school with all the Blumeyer kids (on the Descendents of John C Muckerman pages 3 & 4) and the Kerckhoffs (p2) lived behind Anne’s house in a family subdivision called Huntleigh Woods in Fronterac Mo 63131.  Because she was friends with Muckerman’s she somehow got this info.

    Mudds Grove house aka Argonne House

    The Mudds Grove house was owned by several families. The Kirkwood Historical Society now operates the house as a museum. Frank and Mina Muckerman lived in the house when my father and his siblings were young. When Frank died, his casket was placed in the front room of this house. Following his death, Mina moved next door to her grandchildren who lived at 54 Hill Drive.


    Anne or Joan, one of them, thought that Granny had put a little bathroom in there. 
    Do you remember ever peeing in there either in the front or the back.  Because if the
    chauffeur slept in there, then it had to have had a bathroom in there for him, right?

    Also, was there some type of little shower thing they put outside anywhere?  Or was there
    just a hose that we could turn on to drink from?

    Papa died when I was only 7 but I have loads of memories of Papa.  But I don't remember being
    in the limo at all but that doesn't mean I wasn't.  And I have seen pictures of the limo and that
    chauffeur in the family movies.

    Do you know if papa kept the chauffeur on until he died in 1954?  Because I know that he also
    drove himself around.  He did when they lived down in Ft. Lauderdate at their motel because
    those cars are shown in our old family movies but no chauffeur in Florida where Anne was born.

    Please answer the above questions for me on what you may remember, OK?


    Other brief thoughts below.
    Joan was born when Mom and Dad lived on Carondelet in a little white cottage house with a
    white picket fence.  That address is on Joan's birth certificate.  She said that it was torn down
    long ago and that a hotel had been built there.  She was born in August 1938.  Mom has a
    newspaper clipping of that house in her scap book.  It is adorable. 

    Then they lived in Florida when they had the Miramar Motel.  Anne was born in Florida in 1940.
    Then they moved back shortly after.


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    I dont think we called it anything since the north half of it was a tool shed and the south half is where the chauffer slept - he was also the gardner I think.
    We stayed away from it. 
    You probably dont remember riding in papa's limosine, do you?
    It had a window that went up and down between the front of the car and the back.
    The back of the car was huge.  Six to 8 of us could fit in the back. It a set of seats that lifted out of the floor.
    It also had no heat but it did have a thick robe that went over all of us.
    maybe you do remember
    One time to punish art and I for smoking under the porch he took us for a ride in it. It was raining and the sun came out both at the same time

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    Hi John,

    Do you remember what we kids called that little green building at the driveway entrance
    at Papa's?  

    Did we call it the Green House as kids?





    Chris J Muckerman plot

    chris j muckerman calvary plot

      chris j muckerman plot calvary

    First plot on the inside gate of Calvary

    chris j muckerman first plot shows gate

    Chris muckerman's wife, my great grand monther, gave me a silver dollar when I was in the 5th grade at her home in downtown
    st louis at their mansion