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John Patrick Broderick "Patrick" was born in County Clare Ireland about 1820. Our family tree with our Irish Relatives is here. Patrick's son John James Broderick was very famous in the US and many family members travelled from Ireland between 1875 and 1919 in order to work at his company Broderick and Bascom Rope Company.

Patrick's full name as well as Anna's full name is confirmed on his daughter's death certificate (Mary Cecilia Broderick). Note it is believed that Nancy may have been a nickname for Anna.


Anna Duggan was born in Ireland about 1817, died Mar 6, 1881. She had 3 children. Though she lived long, we are not able to find any information regarding her family back in Ireland.

Patrick Broderick & Anna Duggan - John Patrick Broderick, Nancy Anna Duggan

  1. John James Broderick 12/29/1846 (married Emilie Kern)
  2. Mary Cecelia Broderick 1852 (married Grey)
  3. Elizabeth Catherine Broderick 5/27/1854(married Hannagan)

John James Broderick 12/29/1846
(married Emilie Kern)

Mary Cecelia Broderick 1852
(married Grey)

Elizabeth Catherine Broderick 5/27/1854
(married Hannagan)