John C Muckerman Family Tree life story - tree documents

John C Muckerman 1868-1951

Married Paulina Leber (1873-1957)


  • Christopher John Muckerman 1891-1981
  • Frank Xavier IV Muckerman 1891-1954 (my g-gfather)
  • Walter B Muckerman 189-1982
  • Ruth C Muckerman 1895-
  • Rose Marie Muckerman 1897-1981
  • Rose Ezell Muckerman 1900-1981
  • Ruth Muckerman 1902-
  • Alice T Muckerman 1905-1990
  • Gladys Catherine Muckerman 1909-1997


    Memories of my father, John James Broderick

    I attended the after funeral party at John C Muchkermans house in downtown st. louis in 1951
    We played on the swing on the 4th floor and then climbed into the laundry shoot  and slid down
    a 3 inch water pipe all the way to the basement while some servent was yelling, "you kids get out
    of the laundry shute.