Broderick Family Tree

Arthur Philip Broderick Nov 27 1911 - Nov 25 1977
& Betty (Elizabeth) Muckerman Broderick May 16 1917 - Jun 26 2008

To the left of dad, his brother Jack. To the right of mom, Paul Johansen, married to aunt Jill but I don't think any of them is his wife, aunt Jill. Do not know any of the others. ~Anne

Here is what I know about this photo. Uncle Jack is to my dad's left and Uncle Paul Johansen is to his right. Aunt Jill is "not" in this photo. The 3 other bridesmaid were good friends of mom's and I may have written down their names in Miami as mom did tell me at one time. The other man far to the right is no one we know well and mom told me at one time and I may have it written down in Miami - it is slightly possible that he is a cousin on the Muckerman side. Whenever I do find the other names, I will let you know. But I know for sure that that is Uncle Jack on the left and that Aunt Jill in "not" in the photo and was not a bridesmaid as mother told me this and I remember very well. If you look closely, you will see that is a very young Uncle Jack. ~Beth

Hi Jane and Jeanne,

Jane, I think you are right about the 28th now that you mention it.  I have my date book in Miami and
also I have the wedding article in Mom's old scrapbook so I can double check the date whenever I
do go visit.

At first, I just assumed they got married on a Saturday but Oct 28th is on a Thursday and the 26th is on
a Tuesday in 1937.

Jeanne, you may have a date of some kind already on ancestry somewhere but I will check when in
Miami and let you and Jane know what I find but it is probably the 28th and not the 26th.  That does
sound correct.


I thought this was particularly interesting that  Arthur Philip Broderick "Dad"  had a degree in Mining Engineering, which I did not know.
Particularly interesting because the DeSoto property had all the mines, and that he spent so many years surveying the property.

Look at the attached college record showing his grades.  
I love the negative, and I love the image of his face on there.
Ive spent several minutes inverting it so we can see his picture.  When I do, to me it does not look like him.   Im certain he was very young.
Degree issued May 1935

Below I inverted the original all-black file so we can see Phil's face how it looked at that time.
arthur philip degree 1935

My Grandma's Rememberances
(mailed to my father John James Broderick from his mother Betty

Email From Paul Broderick, Nov 26, 2015
I got off at this train station (see map) in Kirkwood from Kansas City Missouri about ten times when we lived on Caroline.

Email From Anne Broderick, Nov 27, 2015
That's the very same station I caught the train to Phoenix when I ran away from home at 18 in '58! Mom an dad brought the entire family to try to keep me from leaving and it was a scene I will never forget when they were making quite a racket as the train pulled away with me on it. You might have been there. Anyone remember?
I also remember walking to that bridge with Papa. I think that was the only walking he did in later years.

Email From John Broderick, Nov 27, 2015
I remember the train station quite well. They had a 5 cents 7 oz coke machine. The station was one block east of Mudd's Grove in kirkwood (Papa and Granny's house)

I remember you leaving however everyday was a racket at home.

I do remember thinking it was your idea to leave us but I was not told or aware of the reasons why. Yes, mom and dad did make it look like you were doing something wrong when in fact you executed your escape from 54 hill drive with quick and immediate precision.

When I was 18 I too escaped on a cold day in Jan of 1962 but left from the downtown train station on a train probably built in 1901 that had wood seats (no pads) and windows we could raise open letting the 90 degree Texas air come in. I went swimming in the on-campus swimming pool that afternoon. After coming to Texas I soon got a part-time job, purchased a motorcycle, and quickly forgot about St. Louis life.


Email From Mary Beth Broderick, Nov 28, 2015
I would stay at Papa's and Granny's all the time. Mother took me often and she was probably glad to do so. I would stay many days in a row sometimes. Papa would take me to see the train everyday as I loved to go so much. After that we would walk down the block to Max's Candy Store. I loved those days. I have so many other memories besides these. Papa died when I was only seven years old in 1954. Beth .

Email From Anne Broderick, Nov 29, 2015
I still have the Lap robe we had in the Cadillac. The chauffeur drove us to school for a time until he was dismissed when papa died.

Family Images from the Arthur Philip Broderick Family

Arthur Philip Broderick with son Frank Broderick
frank broderick and phil broderick

Betty Broderick with her daughter Jane

Jane with her neice Marcia (Joan's daughter)

John and Mary Broderick
john and mary broderick

Marc Berger and Joan
marc berger and joan

Paul and Kathy Broderick
Paul and Kathy Broderick

Paul and Kathy at Johns house in Dallas
Paul and Kathy Broderick

Phil and Betty
Phil and Betty

Phil and Betty
Phil and Betty

Jane with her dog Vicky and the neighbor girls
Jane with her dog Vicky and the neighbor girls

Jane with her dog Vicky and the neighbor girls
Jane with her dog Vicky and the neighbor girls

Elizabeth Muckerman "Betty" as a teenager (18) in the 1935 society pages
Elizabeth Muckerman as a teenager (18) in the 1935 society pages