Arthur Louis Broderick and Vera Maud McCallum Family Tree


arthur l broderick in hammock



Arthur L Broderick married into the McCallum family (sometimes MacCallum). They have a very colorful history as shown on the McCallum Family Page as well as the William and Elise Charlotte's children's page when Vera was a child.



Arthur Louis and Vera's wedding album

wedding album



THIS IS FUNNY On AL Broderick’s page, under Jack, it notes Got married and divorced in 2 weeks. Then got engaged to Betty Muckerman, who fell for Philip instead.


2 great images of Arthur L Broderick, one with a handlebar mustache.  Great.


Cute pic of Jack, Jill, Phil when what looks like scottich kilts, but phil looks to be dressed as a mexican guy.



  ................... 3 Arthur L. Broderick b: October 27, 1884 in Missouri d: July 1968 in St. Louis, Missouri - Calvary Cemetery
....................... +Vera Maud McCallum Unknown b: Abt. 1885 in Russia m: Abt. 1909 d: July 20, 1961 in St. Louis, Missouri - Calvary

I had charlotte on the phone, and she confirmed that she called Aurthr L and Vera, Grandfeathers and Benny.

Joan Schneider and Charlotte’s brother Paul may have been responsible for the names, as they were the first born in this generation.

Paul Broderick remembers

To Charlotte from Paul

This is your cousin Paul Broderick. I believe that I might have been named after your dad.

Somewhere I saw a really neat listing of William MacCallum’s children and the highlights of their lives. I believe that there were 9 girls and 3 boys. It was either in this listing or elsewhere where I read that your grandmother Vera MacCallum used to be chased around her yard when she was about 2 years old by Rasputin. Have you ever heard this or seen a listing of the other MacCallum children?

On a side note, if Vera died in 1961, I would have been 9 and I remember going to the house off Clayton usually on Sunday afternoons where Dad would watch golf in the sunroom and Frank, Jane and I would try to catch up with Molly, the large longhaired Persian cat and Vera or Benny as she was called would always hover around making sure that we would not bother her beloved Molly. We were told to play outside but it was so much more fun investigating the large house and playing with Molly.

I also remember that there was always a card table in the sunroom with Uncle Jack’s pennies on it----this memory might be from later though after Benny died.

Hi Charlotte,

My understanding was that Benny and Grandfeathers were married in
Lausanne, Switzerland after time that Benny spent in St. Louis - that
they both went back to Switzerland to marry.

Or is the info in the obit correct? ~Beth

Beth, I think it is more likely that Vera's obit is correct since she died years before Grandfeathers. And because of that, I think it is most likely that Grandfeathers or one of his children wrote the obit. ~Jeanne


Hi Beth, I believe that you are right: Benny and Grandfeathers were not married here.  
I have info here that shows that they were married in Lausanne which is what I had always heard.
My guess is that Mother gave the obit info to the mortuary.

The obit is simply shy one front of "here".  



arthur louis broderick obituary    vera maud mccallum broderick obituary