John aka Johann Muckermann
& Anna Maria Helmer

john muckermann and anna helmer

john johann muckermann

Johann muckermann, the eldest of three Muckermann brothers who came to the United States,, was first married to Anna Helmer in St Louis, Missouri about 1853 (1854 per ancestry.com). He and Anna had nine children and lived on Mallinkrodt Avenue between 11th and 12th Streets, for many years sharing one side of a double house with Christopher and his family. he served in the Civil War, and after the war joined his brothers in forming Muckermann Brothers Ice. Co. After some years, the first company was dissolved. Johann remained in the ice business at the original location at 14th and Salisbury Streets, and Christopher started his own ice business at 1100 South 12th Street. Although their businesses were separate, Johann and Christopher, and their families, continued to share their double home, and were very close.

John aka Johann Muckerman
& Christina (nee Melling) Recker

Johann's wife Anna died in about 1891 after a marriage of almost 40 years. Several years later, he married again. His second wife was Christina (nee melling) Recker. The ceremony took plce on may 30, 1893. Johann Muckermann and his second wife, Christina, are pictured on the day of their marriage, May 30, 1893. She is wearing what is probably her "best dress" for the occasion, and holding a nosegay to signify that this is a wedding picture. (picture to follow later from page 112 of the "Muckerman Family in Pictures").

johann john muckermann headstone

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