I am very disappointed i am unable to find any information for our Patrick Broderick and Anna Duggan. If you have any information, please contact me to share this information. ~jeanne

Nancy Anna Duggan
abt 1817 Ireland - Mar 6, 1881
Born in Ireland, County Clare

(Baptised Nov 20 1820 per McColugh family tree)

Died in St Louis MO per our death record

Jeanne Broderick Sheltons's record of Patrick

Died St Louis Mo

Jeanne Broderick Sheltons's record of Anna


1850 closeup Census

1851 baby death record

Not sure is tihs is our family's record


Where is Patrick at Calvary? Is he next to Anna? Yes according to family. He was moved from another cemetery and placed in Calvary at the family plot ~Jeanne

Email from Jeanne to Charlotte (July 5, 2014):
I just got chills all over---found more info on Patrick and Anna!!!!!!!!!!!!
Full names are John Patrick Broderick and Nancy Anna Duggan
Charlotte, can you possibly take these new names and do something with them?
Can you check with any authority in possibly that county Claire ancestry place and have them plug in
            John Patrick Broderick,
            Baptism Nov 19, 1820, Roman Catholic, Kilarney, Kerry, Ireland

John Patrick BroderickNancy Anna Duggan
Patrick’s baptism
baptism for John Patrick Broderick

I decided to renew my membership on ancestry to see if there is anything new in the last couple/few years.
A very long time ago I tried to research JJB’s sister.  I had made several contacts on ancestry and found a possible Josephine Gray, and made a connection to the Fehner tree.  And that is her.  I made several emails to trees to try to find relatives, but the ones that replied did not know who she was.  Well finally someone put what they know on Ancestry, and we have Patrick and Anna’s full names.  Note their birth info and death info is the same as mine, and they clearly DID NOT copy my tree, as they have more information than me.

JJB’s sister Mary Cecilia has 9 children.  One of her great grandsons is on the McCulloch tree (died) and all others are “private”