Frank X Muckerman and Mina Belz Muckerman(family tree)

Home of Frank and Mina from 1944 to 1949 according to Mudds Grove documents. Picture taken by Jeanne Broderick Shelton in 2008.   The house is a museum now.Mudds Grove house, picture taken by Jeanne Broderick Shelton

Mom told me a funny story about Papa.  When they were in a very fine restaurant
in Germany on their travels through Europe, Papa, who looked just like a very famous
German actor, when asked by the maitre d' if he was the actor, told him "Yes, but
please don't tell any of the others".  Well, of course, he did and everyone there including
the staff started whispering to each other and smiling at them.  Papa continued to let
them think he was the actor and after dinner tipped his hat to them all as he left the