Can we find the McCallum family album?

1/25/2010 email from Beth to Charlotte:

Hi Charlotte, I think Aunt Jill told me about some relative who probably received from his mother a book of old photographs but she does not know where he lives now. I think his last name was McCallum and that graduated from Stanford University in California. Do you know anything about this. I think Aunt Jill told me at one time that she would love to have gotten that book of photos. Do you know anything about this? Anne, Jeanne and I are still doing research on the family.

1/28/2010 email from Beth to Jeanne:

Jeanne, I think Aunt Jill asked a cousin to give her the book of old family photos. He lived in Scotland or England. Then he died and his wife has the album. They had a son who went to a University in the States, I think Standford. He is an alumni there. But she lost track of him. I think he was with some Embassy or something - some government job. Maybe this book can be tracked down. Maybe you can find out his name and research the Stanford Alumni. Ask Aunt Jill about this when you see her. She is getting really old and forgetful now and so I would not put this off. I think she is about 93 years old now. I hope you make a list of all the things to ask her when you go to St. Louis. Beth

2/22/2010 email from Beth to Jeanne:

Hi Jeanne, Aunt Jill told me about a McCallum whose step-mother was not supposed to keep our family album but she did and probably out of spite due to a divorce in the family. Her son, whose name was Colin McCallum, I believe, probably now has it. Maybe we can find him and contact him. I think he went to finished University at Stanford here in the States and is most likely still here in the States somewhere. I think Aunt Jill said that he may be a diplomate or something like that. As long as he did graduate from Stanford, it may be able to locate him somehow by contacting the alumnae assocation there. Anyway, please make a note to ask Aunt Jill about this. She would love to have it or at least to see it. She could tell you more about it. She may not remember telling me about it many years ago but she did. I don't know how her memory is faring at this point. Beth

2/22/2010 email from Beth to all:

Colin McCallum

2/22/2010 email from Anne to all:

I googled him and this is one of the sites that might be him: Colin Mccallum