Ignatius C Muckerman-1865-1921 (ancestry tree)
(son of Christopher Herman Muckerman 1840-1913)

Christopher and Wilhemina Muckermann's first son was born in December 1865. Ignatius, called I.C. by most people, was anways called "Natz" by the family. Natz initially went to work for the Bremen Bank where he moved up quickly., he was a gifted horseman, however, and yearned for an occupation that involved driving or riding horses. One day when his father was walking down the street, he came upon his eldest son driving a rock wagon, and learned to his surprise that Natz had resigned from the bank to pursue this line of work because it onvolved horses. At about th same time, in 1888, Christopher purchased in ice company called Polar Wave at 2720 Walnut Street that had fallen on hard times. Shortly thereafter, he persuaded natz to take hcarge of this operation. (read more page 12 of the "Muckerman Family in Picutres)

Natz married Helend Nyhof and had 4 children:

  • Rose (Jan 1891-Feb 1893)
  • Richard C. (1897-1959)
  • Arthur (Nov 1900 - Feb 1901)
  • Helen (born between 1901 and 1905)

After Helen's death, Natz married Magdalena (Lena) Zucker and they had two children:

  • Louis (born in 1908)
  • Josephine (born in 1914)