the following are areas in which we have many questions. I have copied emails from family members and referenced here as a way to organize areas that require research.

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Patrick Broderick and Anna Duggan    

history of st louis

History of St Louis

family search

Family Search Website - Ireland search, England Search

Anne BB gave me A few images of the Chomeau family. find them and post them int he correct place. I think Chomeau may have been JK Broderick I's wife.

Do we know Edward M Kern? I looked him up on Google.  He was a pioneer who went to California and was pretty famous.


questions to ask relatives 1. Where did our family come from? How did they get to America?
2. Where did you grow up? Why did your family live there?
3. Who’s the oldest living relative you remember meeting? What do you know about him or her?
4. What’s your favorite memory of your grandma (or other relative)?
5. Who were your mom’s/dad’s/grandmother’s/grandfather’s brothers and sisters? Where are they or their children today?
6. Did you ever go to a family reunion? Where was it? What do you remember about it?
7. Where did you and your spouse meet? Where did your parents meet?
8. What’s your favorite childhood memory?
9. How did you spend your summer vacations?
10. What’s your favorite family story?


Jeanne's trip to St Louis

may 1-4

May 1 to Bryans
may 2 to Calvary
spend night with Joan
may 3 Charlotte, Joan Dietz
May 4 Joan
may 5 head home latest


charlotte on Monday th 3rd, afternoon.
class in the morning,
Tuesday morning is a class too, afternoon.

Joan Dietz
that week starting eve of Wed thru fri sat
50th reunion frm high school.

Charlotte Hamilton