John Kern Broderick Sr and Mabel Bryan Family Tree

John Kern Broderick, born May 12, 1879 in St Louis Missouri; died Nov 23, 1953 in St.
Louis, Missouri - Calvary Cemetery. He was the son of John James Broderick and Emilie Christine Kern. He
married Mabel Bryan Broderick

Mabel B Bryan, born 1882 in Missouri; died 1953
Calvary Cemetery. She was the daughter William Smith Bryan and Nancy Mildred North

Children of John Kern Broderick and Mabel Bryan are:

Mary B Broderick Chomeau,
born Jan 13, 1906;
died 1999
married Richard Doublass Chomeau (born May 27)

  • 1. John Broderick Chomeau aka Jeannot
            Born Aug 26, 1934
            married Maria
         (children: Mary Frances "mimi" Chomeau, John Bryan      Chomeau "Ja", Anne Alexei Chomeau, Jason Chomeau)
  • 2. Mary Douglass Chomeau        Born Jan 4, 1937
  • 3. Richard Henri Chomeau       Born July 14, 1943
         Married Susan Daly
Elizabeth Broderick,
born June 23, 1910
Married Herbert G Meier (Herbert born July 15)
Elizabeth was a day nanny to Aug 10-1945
John Kern "Johnny B" Broderick Jr, born 1915; died 1988
married Alice Braddish

  • Anne Bryan Broderick 1944-2015
  • living son year?
  • living son 1954 "bb"

John Kern Broderick and Angela Broderick in Europe

John Kern Broderick about 1 year old

John Kern Broderick in Estes Park Colorado

JKB Sr as a boy

John Kern Broderick Sr as a boy

John Kern Broderick Sr as a child

Mabel in her 20s

Mabel Bryan Broderick

Family Group Sheet

Anne Bryan Broderick sent sheet to Jeanne Broderick Shelton

1910 census-John Kern Broderick

1910 john kern broderick census

mabel and kids

mabel and kids

Mabel Bryan Broderick's parents, William Smith Bryan and Mildred North

Mabel Bryan Broderick's parents, William Smith Bryan and Mildred North

Mabel Bryan Broderick

Mabel Bryan Broderick loved dress up opportunities and loved to make costumes


Mabel, Mary, Elizabeth, & John K Jr

Mabel Bryan Broderick's Wedding Announcement

Mabel Bryan Broderick wedding announcement

At the Broderick Home, 360 N Woodlawn in Kirkwood Mo Ederly gentleman is William Smith Bryan. Unidentified female, Mary Broderick, Mother Mabel Bryan Broderick, Elizabeth Broderick, Young...

William Smith Bryan and family

The Airplane

Per Mary Broderick Chomeau, editor of the Kirkwood Historical Review:

There was one other remarkable conveyance that stood unused for about one year in our side yard, something not seen on any Kirkwood laon of that small size before or since, I guess.  My father wans an early plane enthusiast and built a plane (with financial aid from his father).  From the accompanying picture, one can see that in design, it was even more advanced than the delta swept-wing.  Needless to say, its maiden voyage one June day on the vacant pasture between the W.W. Keysor's house at 306 E jefferson and the McLean's at 340 did not repeat Kitty Hawk and the contraption was retired to our side yard while my father recovered his pride.

Apparently JJB and JKB built a plane.   I got some pics from Bryan & Anne BB.  This morning, Im scanning some documents sent to me by Jeannot Chomeau (descendent from JJB's grandson JKB sr).   there is a pamphlet in there written by Mary Chomeau, and she has a great pic on the cover of her father.  And notably, there is a picture in the pamphlet of a plane.  Note the comparison pics between the picture below and the earlier pics on the right.   Are there tons of planes like this out there?  Or is this confirmation that JJB and JKB actually flew their plane….see below.

Since writing the above, Jeannot confirmed (as well as Mary's excerpt fromt the Kirkwood Historical Review) that the plane actually did fly and crashed on its maiden flight, a disappointment to JJB and JKB.    I believe the picture just below is actually taken during that flight, and just before crashing into the trees.  The wheel on the bottom tells me that the plane is moving from right to left, and the fin on the bottom right leads me to believe this as well.    The top section does appear bent when comparing the pic below with the earlier pics to the right.

JKB's 1904 Ford

John Kern Broderick Sr was the first ownder of a car in Kirkwood, according to his daughter's pamplet pictured below.

Mary B Chomeau published the Kirkwood Review, and was proud her father was the first to own a car in Kirkwood. JKB is pictured on the cover with his 1904 Ford.

house where JKB attempted to fly the plane, according to Mary B Broderick Chomeau's writings in the Kirkwood Review.

Note this is the picture taken just before the plan crashed. I understnad the plane was in the air approx 8 seconds according to Jeannot Chomeau. Upon closer analysis, it is clear the plane is in the air in this picture. However, the plane is flying from right to left, and you can see that it is about to crash into the trees.

315 e jeffersonThis plane was flown on JKB's property, 315 E Jefferson in Kirkwood Mo.


J Kern and Mabel Bryan Family






In the last 6 months, or the fall of 2009, the family just lost the oldest kern and he knew jjb
ann talked to him




Notes from item sent to me from Anne Broderick.


Pictures of Anne's mother Alice Broderick (married Johnny B) and Alice was best friends with Lucille Ball.   She looks identical, was her stand in, stuntwoman, and is Lucy is Bryan's godmother.-
Great images of them at the RKO studio
Alice was Francis Robinson's stuntwoman – pic included.
I don't know who that is, but she must have starred in a movie
Lots of pics of Alice's horse Topper, Hopalong Cassidy's horse.   Alice made a bunch of Hopalong Cassidy movies)

Anne made me some copies from old Plates she'd found.

First image is a boy dressed up as a colonial looking guy with a "You must register" sign around his neck
 Once is a pic of probably Shapleigh Boyd, a distant cousin and close neighbor to the Brodericks on Woodlawn ive in Krikwood Mo.   This has Grandmother Broderick's stamp all over it.  She was a vigorous campaigner to get women to vote.  Im talking about peitte mabel Bryan Broderick, spouse of John Kern Broderick.  Our of suffragette.  And she was hopelessly addicted to dressing up all the kids in costomues.  He had her own full time seamstresses.  So although this photo was never annotated, it fits.  Thought you'd ejojy this bit of whimsy.



3 baby pics of John Kern Broderick Sr.  One he appears to be about 5, one maybe 3, and another maybe 15 months?
2 more pics of JK Sr that were graduation.  Another pic appears he was a doctor.  Note is to see the sign on the window, but the pic is too faint.  A lady is there too, so I assume that was his wife.
A pic of JK Sr as a 20 something, and another of him with a dog. 
A great pic of John Kern Broderick & Angela Broderick in Lausanne?  More likely Strasbourg……
This is a great image.   Great stuff in the background.  Her outfit is crazy.

Some stuff on the North family that (apparently Norths were Mable's maternal grandparents)

Funny looking plane built by JJ Broderick and JK Broderick
Pic of JK Broderick Jr, age 1 year.  Cute.
5 Brodericks around a backyard fountain at Woodlawn house in Kirkwood (Wm Smith Bryan, female unidentified, mary Broderick, Mother Mabel Bryan Broderick, Elizabeth Bryan Broderick, Young John Kern Broderick)
So this means that it is JJB's 2 sisters, his grandson, his daughter in law, and one more.

Family history of the Bryans, back to Boru.
This would be Mabel Bryan, John Kern Bryan JR, and Johnny B.  However, since this is the Bryan line, and not the Broder or Broderick line, this does not include us.   However, it is very very impressive.