Elizabeth and James Hannagan
Elizabeth and James Hannagan

Anna Duggan
abt 1817 - Mar 6, 1881

Elizabeth Catherine Broderick
May 27, 1854 - Jan 15, 1937

James Francis Hannagan
Sep 1848 - Mar 28, 1921

Elizabeth & James
daughter Anna "Annie" Hannagan
Anna Annie Hannagan Born:       abt 1875 in St Louis, MO
Died:       Jun 12 1934 in St Louis, MO
Married: Austin Augustus King

Anna was 4 on the 1880 census (which shows Anna Broderick, Mary Cecilia Broderick, James & Lizzie Hannagan, and their children Anna 4, John 2, Mary 6m. Census shows James Hannagan as a teamster, and a cousin James Hawk, who is a hardware clerk and whose father is from ireland, mother from MO.
son John Patrick Hannagan
Born:       Feb 12 1878
Died:       mar 30 1959
Married: Agnes Marie Craden

Had 5 children

see 1930 census
daughter Mary "Gabrielle" Hannagan
Mary Gabrielle Hannagan Born:       Nov 23 1879
Died:       Dec 7 1918
Married: Clarence R Carpentier

When Mary Hannagan (my grandmother) died, Lucile, Betty and Bob (my father) went to live with the Elizabeth (Broderick) and James Hannagan who were still raising children of their own. I have traveled to O'Neil Nebraska where many of the Hannagans are buried and have photos of their graves and copies of burials and death records. --Joan Z

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daughter Elizabeth Hannagan
Born:       Dec 2 1882
Died:       Jul 17 1958
Married: John E Royal abt 1910

Elizabeth owned a novelty shop per the 1930 Census . Elizabeth's husband owed the Royal Heating Company in St Louis. child: Dorothy Royal
daughter Nell Hannagan
Born:      Jan 20 1887
Died:       Jul 11 1962

daughter Catherine Hannagan
Catherine Hannagan Born:       1887
Died:       1975


Mary Gabrielle Hannagan Carpentier

Elizabeth Catherine Hannagan

Below, Betty Carpentier, Dorothy Royal, and Elizabeth Broderick Hannagan.

This was GGrandpa Hannagan's Fighting Cock. Now I'm not sure cock fighting was allowed in St Louis in those days but he had a rooster. GGrandma Broderick Hannagan wasn't crazy about the rooster to start with and I'm sure she wasn't happy about the cock fighting. One day when it was crowing and driving everyone nuts, Grandma picked up a rock and threw it at the rooster to shut it up. Unfortunately she hit the rooster and killed it. So.... she put it back in the caged and never told GGrandpa what happened. He thought it just up and died.
~Joan Zeitz

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