Brodericks enjoyed many good times at the Glencoe House

Per 1946 newspaper article shown far below:
  • Moved into River Craig in 1895
  • Terrace Station, the Brodericks' private log-built reilroad station stood at the foot of the precipitous stairs and was used daily in commuting to and from St. Louis on the Missouri Pacific.
  • JJB designed a stairway that went straight up the rocky cliff. It boasted 385 steps with 52 breathtaking platforms interspersed at regular intervals.
  • JJB devised a pump house which pumped water to the hilltop.
  • JJB installed a gas tank which lit the house, very unusual for that time. Rumor has it that the gas was created out chicken poop which yielded methane gas. Funny.
  • Four trips to Europe and a visit to native Ireland brought collections of glass, china, statuary and paintings, French mirrors reflected hardwood parquet floors and a fountain and Mosaic floor seen in Europe were reproduced in the conservatory.

I have looked at the panaroma several times, and just now noticed the gazebo in the far left corner. I believe this is the same gazebo where the Looxie family is sitting. See the close up image to the left. ~Jeanne


Glencoe likely around 1890s-1900s

Party at Glencoe Another Party at Glencoe  
Glencoe pic taken at night. Caption on photo notes the house was lit my the Chicken poop aka Methane gas.  

Glencoe in the early 1900s-1930s??
Anyone know?

Glencoe by air Glencoe front yard  
Glencoe NE corner Glencoe NE corner  
The Looxie family, Friends of the Brodericks.
Pic taken at Glencoe.
I was told this was the Kern women on the front row. Other than JJB in the back row, Im unsure who is in this image.  

Glencoe in the 1940


Glencoe 2010


Newspaper article, November 20, 1946
hanging in Bryan Broderick's house is titled
Irishman's Dreamhouse was Glitter Spot in 1890s


Interior views of Glencoe


Exterior Views

Indian artifacts found on the hill.  


Apparently JJB and JKB built a plane.   I got some pics from Bryan & Anne BB.  This morning, Im scanning some documents sent to me by Jeannot Chomeau (descendent from JJB’s grandson JKB sr).   there is a pamphlet in there written by Mary Chomeau, and she has a great pic on the cover of her father.  More notably, there is a picture in the pamphlet of a plane.  However, I cannot find any info inside the pamphlet as to why the plane pic is there, or the significance.    Note the comparison pics.   Are there tons of planes like this out there?  Or is this confirmation that JJB and JKB actually flew their plane….see below.