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Broderick & Bascom Founders

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~Jeanne Broderick


Heres what I found in reading some of the Golden Jubilee Publication. I have posted the full file online, and it is large. Link below.

When JJB (John James Broderick) was 20 and Joe Bascom (JDB) was 18 they both worked at St Louis Railway Supply Company JJB was a shipping clerk and Joe was a billing clerk. They saw the tons of wire rope invoices passing thru because of the Eads Bridge being built. They decided to join forces and start the company. To their advantage, one of the heads of the main competitor wire rope company had recently died in 1868. JJB and Joe made a deal with the remaining partner. B&B was established 1875 and started manufacturing in 1876.

Anne Bryan Broderick notes this picture was most likely taken in San Francisco 1915 when they signed the contract for the cable cars. Anne notes that B&B cable hauls the cable cars of San Francisto today.

John James Broderick
Emilie Broderick
Joseph D Bascom
Mary F Bascom
john james broderick and joseph d bascom create broderick and bascom.com  

broderick and bascom john kern broderick Sr.John Kern Broderick Sr. 1942

In the 1940s the third generations were excelling in the family business.


Founder: John James Broderick (aka JJB)

son John Kern Broderick (aka JKB)

grandson John Kern Broderick Jr (aka JKB Jr)



Founder: Joseph D Bascom (aka JDB)

son Charles E Bascom

grandson Joseph H Bascom