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Joseph Prosper Desrochers born Mar 30 1868 in in Ste-Croix, Lotbinière, Quebec, Canada - died Nov 11, 1943
& Marie Cesaree Emma Guay born Aug 3, 1868 in Chicoutimi (St-François-Xavier), Québec, Canada, - died Dec 20, 1928

Prosper DesRochers and Cesarie Guay, about the time of their marriage, in 1891

wedding image of Cesaree and Prosper DesRochers

They were married at Eglise du Sacre Coeur aka Church of the sacred heart

This picture is so uncanny.  Prosper is spit and image of my grandfather Jean Baptiste DesRochers from his youth. ~Jeanne Broderick

Below is a brown and white real picture postcard of Chicoutimi, Saguenay, Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean, Quebec, Canada (for sale on eBay back in 2015). It shows a beautiful view of Eglise du Sacré-Coeur. This postcard contains a nice description written in 1908 (only 3 years after the Church was completed). So it is more than one HUNDRED years OLD. It has an ARISTO stamp box. Condition: good. This postcard should be in every Quebec or Canadian collection.

Found church of Prosper & Cesarie's Wedding & Wilfred's Baptism . It is & was Eglise du Sacre-Couer Est.1873 @ 500 Chemin de la Reserve Chicoutimi P.Q. ~Paul Sampson

What was in 1873? I belive they moved to Chicopee in 1891.  So I am curious what that date is. I assume it is the date the church was first declared at that location.~Jeanne Shelton

Sidenote: i see when searching online that this church building is noted to have been built in 1905? I assume the church was in a smaller building on this same property before they built this lovely and amazing church.

Eglise du Sacre-Couer Chicoutimi

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Hi Jeanne - 
    Attached is a portrait of Prosper DesRochers' family- I'm not sure when it was taken, but I'd say about 1909.  Jean Baptiste was the youngest, and he looks to be about 2 - 3 years old in the picture.  (he was born 1905) Wilfred was the oldest, born in 1894.        Clockwise, left to right, they are:
       Cesarie, Euclide, Irene, Wilfred, Albertine, Prosper, (bottom left is John, bottom right is Leo).       I knew Euclide, of course, as he was my father-in-law.  He was a sweet man, loving and very loyal to his family.  I also knew Wilfred well.  He was my husband's favorite uncle.  He and his wife had no children, and had a special fondness for "Robert", as everyone in the family called my husband.  He retired to Florida, where we moved in 1966, and we saw him often until his death in 1977.  I don't think I ever met your grandfather.  After he moved to Texas he wasn't back in Massachusetts often.     I'll go through my pictures in the next week or so and send more when I can.     Ann

Jeanne - This is a picture of the Prosper DesRochers (father of Jean Baptiste) family.  Don't know when it was taken.  Bob and I can identify most of the people, and we'll get the other names when we go up to Massachusetts in a month or so.  His sister will know all of them, and if she doesn't, their cousin, Paul Samson, son of Albertine DesRochers, will know.

     (Notes to the left identifies those in the image.)
     There were 2 other children, a boy and a girl, who died in infancy.

    More as I find them...


I love this image of Cesaree. I have put it on a decorative frame and cut out the black edges to pin it to my "gallery wall" where i display my favorite family photos and ancestor photos as well, so my children will see these faces growing up, and know who their ancestors are. I deliberately hang the ancestry photos at their eye level and below so that they will see them and know where they came from. I hope to greatly motiviate one of my sons to be their family geneologist as i am for mine. ~Jeanne Broderick Shelton

Emma Cesaree Guay Desrochers

A story from Jean B DesRochers:
Mathias and his father were church builders.  One of the family members was in the steeple building the church and he fell.  His suspenders caught on something sticking out, we were told a nail, and he was hanging far in the air by his suspenders.  It saved his life as someone was able to later reach him and save him.      ~Mary Guay DesRochers Pelland

prosper joseph desrochers 1898  

Wilfred, Albertine and Euclid Desrochers Wilfred, Albertine & Euclid (per Paul Samson) ~Jeanne

603 Gratten Street, Chicopee Falls, MA 01020

This is the house Jean Baptiste DesRochers was born in .

He talked about sleeping in a screened in porch.  This is a clapboard house with no porch, 3 story. They changed it up where 3 different brothers lived there on 3 different floors.

Cesaree would get so mad that he would leave the windows open as he liked it cold.  The pipes would freeze becaue he left them open, and she could not cook breakfast.

She would ban him to his room, and as soon as she was away, he would open the window and crawl down the drainpipe and go out and play.

Marriage info from Paul Samson, translated from French (Dec 2012)

No.5814 6th January 1891

Contract of Marriage of Mr.Prosper Desrochers
Mademoisselle Emma Cesarie Guay

In the year Eighteen Hundred and Ninety-one on the sixht day of January
before Thomas M.Cloutier Notary Public for the Province of Quebec,
resident of City of Chicoutimi , in the District of Chicoutimi.
I have witnessed this agreement
Mr,Prosper Desrochers Carpenter in the Parish of St.Croix and now residing in the City of Chicoutimi , Eldest son of the mariage of

Mr. Mathias Desrochers ,Farmer and Madanme Flore Mayrand , his father
and mother residents of the Parish of St.Croix present to verify Prosper's identity.
And Demoiselle Emma Cesarie Guay resident of City of Chicoutimi Eldest daughter from the marriage of Mr. Francois Guay, Office Manager for the City of Chicoutimi and Dame Emilie Richard her father &
mother present to verify her identity .
The above named parties promise to abide by all the clauses listed

BELOW >>>>>>>>
Note : The only mention of money is that the wife brings personal efects worth $434.00 etc.etc,etc----


This is a translation from French of 1st portion of original document by Grandson of Prosper & Emma Cesarie (Guay) Desrochers Rev.11/07/2012

There was question as to whether her name was spelled Cesarie or Cesaree. We decided the family ordered the headstone correctly and we will use Cesaree.
prosper and cesaree headstone

Prosper came to Aldenville to help build the town. The property was divided in 1890 and the first house built in 1891. The town was founded as a nice place to live without being in a factory town of Chicopee.

Prosper came to Aldenville likely from advertisements that Mr Alden had posted in their area,as the French Canadians were well known for their building talents and skill.

Prosper's first house was at 23 Edward Street. However as his family grew, he built the house at 603 Gratten Street, which adjoined the property at 23 Edward Street. Though I assume that property was sold when moving to the larger 3 story house. This house is now separated and houses several apartments. At the time Prosper moved out os 603 Gratten Street, his son Euclid took over the property and had his family, as well as extended family living in the house. Euclid had a dental office outside the house, but also used the front room and adjoining room as a reception area and dental office to see patients after hours and on lunch. My grandfather Jean Baptiste DesRochers grew up in this house on Gratten Street.

Full article here for the Aldenville roots to the Plymouth colony.
23 Edward Street, Aldenville, MA

603 Gratten Street per google maps before the restoration. It is fairly easy to see from this picture how the second floor porch was converted to inerior space.

jeannes wall gallery

When i was a child, I very much tresured looking at my grandmother's "gallery". My grandparents Jean Baptiste DesRochers and Alma Terrahe DesRochers had a few shelves in the bookcase displaying family photos. (note Jean Baptiste is Prosper's youngest son).. As a child I loved looking at it. It was only a couple of shelves with maybe 12 small picture frames total. But I just was mesmerized looking at my "Grandmother's gallery"

I thought long and hard where/how to display a gallery of my own. But at first it was for my own enjoyment. Then later it had a dual purpose so that my kids will recognize their ancestors by looking at their faces. So when I have theses printed, I have their names and dates on the images themselves, and their relation to me.

This is definately a work in process, as each of the images on my wall i have added digital frames with the names of the people, or i have cutout the images like Jack's baseball image top left. This is truly a passion of mine, ancestry / geneology / history.

~Jeanne Broderick Shelton