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Louis Mathias Desrochers born Mar 3 1841 in in Ste-Croix, Lotbinière, Quebec, Canada - died Jun 24, 1924
& Firmine Florie Mayrand born in Chicoutimi Quebec, Canada Feb 8, 1845 in Quebec Canada - died Dec 2, 1928

Paul Samson's notes: Circa 1916, St. Croix, Quebec Canada (top row) Prosper, Florence, Jules, Diane, Symphorien, Felicite, Gerasime (middle row) Father Chryselogue, Arthur, Aline, Odilon, Brother Adalbert (seated) Louis Mathais and Fermine Florie (Mayrand)

Louis Mathias Desrochers and Firmie Florie Mayrand had 14 children:
1-Joseph Marthias Arthur Desrochers-1866-1940         Arthur's ancestry page
2-Joseph Prosper Benjamin DesRochers-1868-1943       Prosper's ancestry page
3-Pierre Chrysologue Desrochers-1869-1947
     Chrysologue's ancestry page
4-Roland Adalbert Desrochers-1871-1959      Adalbert's ancestry page
5-Jules Bruno Desrochers-1873-1936      Jules' ancestry page
6-Joseph Bruno Desrochers-1875-1876
7-Symphorien Desrochers-1876-1969      Symphorien's ancestry page
8-Anonymous twin baby died Desrochers-1878-1878
9-Marie Agathe Felecite Desrochers-1878-1967      Felecite's ancestry page
10-Joseph Casimir Gerasime Desrochers-1880-1958      Gerasime's ancestry page
11-Joseph Odilon Desrochers-1882-1968      Odilon's ancestry page
12-Marie Florence Desrochers-1884-?      Florence's ancestry page
13-Marie Diana Honorine Desrochers-1886-1964      Diana Honorine's ancestry page
14-Marie Aline Desrochers-1889-1982      Aline's ancestry page

Pictured here 4 Generations of DesRochers : TOP ROW Charles E.Samson, Prosper DesRochers & wife Cesarie(Guay) FRONT Albertine (DesRochers) Samson & Baby Jeannette, Flore Firmine Mayrand , Louis Mathias DesRochers. Louis is Jeanne's Great-great grandfather , Prosper my great Grandfather. (I deduce this picture is from approx 1920-1921 as Jeanette was born in 1920. Also Louis Mathias was about 80 years old and Firmine Flore about 76. Prosper and Cesaree were 52 years old. ~Jeanne)

Ancestral Home Of Louis Mathias DesRochers Birthplace of Prosper & siblings in
       Ste.CROIX , P.Q. Canada (per Paul Samson 2010)
Benoit, do you know where this house is?. ~Jeanne

I got information on the ancestral home. It still exists and the last Desrochers descendant to have inhabited is called Marcel Desrochers. Marcel's father was called Gerasime and he was the brother of Prosper, Chrysologue, Symphorien and others. The home address is    6026 Rue Principale Ste-Croix-de-Lotbini√®re. ~Benoit Desrochers

The current owner was kind enough to send me the current image of the house.

Below: the kitchen of the ancestral home in Ste Criox

L to R. Top Row #10 Gerasime #12 Florence #11 Odilon #12 Felicite #2 Prosper #1 Arthur #13 Diane, #7 Symphorien
Front Row L to R #14 Aline #4 Brother Adalbert ,Louis Mathias & Firmine Flore Mayrand #3 Rev. Fr.Chysoloque, Adeline Gregoire

So glad I'm still able to help at 92yrs old ~Paul Samson.
Also, black picture on wall behind the family is #5 child Jules Bruno.

Another Error on my part ! After thinking about it & remembring some of the talk about an Aunt Madeleine whom I never knew, she must be the one in Front Row on right & not the housekeeper as I had suggested . Your little note from census confirms in my mind that Adeline & Aunt Madeleine are one & the same person. Good research Jeanne ! This has been a fun day for me,Thanks from Paul

Louis Mathias died in 1924 and Firmine Flore died in 1928. I deduce this image was taken after her death as image below is labeled 1928. Adalbert has gray hair so this picture is definately taken after the earlier images where he has dark hair.

Diana is left off the wording here. She is on the back row, right.

Chrysologue Desrochers was our family historian.


There is an interesting story that Louis Mathias' uncle Casimir adpoted....
I assumed incorrectly and dug until i came across this great story. ~Jeanne
Sidenote, i came across something about her being a young child, maybe 7 or 9 years old at the adoption, so i am not sure she was as young as Paul notes below.

fromn Paul Samson:
Louis Casimir:
(single) In 1850, adopted a young orphan girl, native of St Nicholas. Adeline Gregoire, our good Madeline, died May 20, 1922, has Ste Croix, aged 83 years, and 17 days
Correction in translation : Louis Casimir, Batchelor adopted Adeline Gregoire at 11 months & 7 days old later known as Aunt Madeleine D.5/20/1922 @ 83 yrs ( from my notes on hard copy from Uncle Chrysoloque ) Now I know who this Aunt Madeleine was that I often heard about in my youth . I was born in 1923 . The old French relatives often called older women Aunt (Ma Tante).