William & Elise McCallum's Children

Ellen       Ellen Was a spinster. She became a catholic
and moved to England

Elise Charlotte "Lisa"

married Prof George Hapburn     Lisa Graduated from Canbridge before
women were given diplomas
Alice       Alice became treasurer of the Church of England


married Frederick Henry Raitt 
married McLorn

Dorothy Raitt, born in 1900. Dorothy Raitt was in the same generation as her cousin Edward L. Gibson whom she saw frequently.

Philip Raitt McLorn 1933-2009 more   Louise was in the textile business in Russia. When the revolution started, the buried her silver in the garden and fled to China through Vladinostok. Her husband was in the postal service in China. They werre captured in WWII and put in a Japanese prison camp. After the war, the English Government sent them to Switzerland. her daughter Dorothy married the Canadian Ambassador's son. he was in Leopoldville in the Belgian congo during the 1950s revolution.
William       William finished the university. He was a championship swimmer. He had built a sailbot and one day on Lake Latiga he was being photographed in it. He had just had a heavy meal. The boat capsized and he drowned before the eyes of his sister Vera. He
Edward       Edward was a civil engineer. He built roads and bridges and was in Crimea. He usually went ahead of the army to build bridges in wartime. He as his brother john smuggled gold out of Russia during the revolution in soap bars. He died of a heart attack in WWI.


married Edward Marriott Gibson (who committed suicide)

later married Raymond Hubbard.

children with Edward Gibson

Edward Leslie Gibson 1900

Humphrey Gibson

Edwards children: Patrick M.R. Gibson who wrote,
"Intrepid Woman" See Post Card below for Patrick's note. Also, Patrick wrote a book called "Childhood Lost, a boy's journey through war" at the request of the Imperial War Museum



Margaret was the beauty of the family. She had textile mills in Poland. She married Edward Gibson and had 3 children. Marjorie died. Edward committed suicide when the family fled Russia at the time of the Revolution at the commencement of WW1. Margaret and her sons Edward Leslie Gibson and Humphrey Gibson continued their journey to Switzerland presumably to the MacCallum family house in Lausanne. She then married her husband's cousin, who was heir apparent to lord Addington and so she was presented in court to Queen Mary.

Edward Leslie Gibson (son) married, and Patrick was born in 1928. Interesting notes below on the postcard.

Florence "Flossie"     Flossie died at 17
years old. She was the only readhead.
John     John and a friend faked a robbery duing the revolution. They told the police they didn't know who stole all their gold. Then they split it up after they smuggled it into England. He migrated to Japan and was a chemist. He developed dyes for silk exports. Then he migrated to Canada. He was not allowed to come to the US because he was an English subject. He had a farm near Vancouver and had 2 children. His son Collin lives in England. John was in Germany in WWII and lost all his money when the German Mark was devalued.
Mary     Mary came to te US and lived with Vera for 20 years.
Katie     Katie died of consumption (tuberculosis) at age 24.

Vera maud

born 1884

married Arthur Louis Broderick

Vera and Arthur had 3 children

Arthur Philip, John William "Jack", and Jill Johansen. Jack and Jill were twins.

Arthur Philips kids: Anne and Beth
are in contact with Patrick.

Arthur Philip's granddaughter jeanne
is the author of this website.

Jack did not have any children.

Jill married Paul Johansen and had two
children, Paul Charlotte, who is
a key effort in the compilation of family
history and photos, and Christine.

Vera was the only blonde in the family. She had grey eyes but one of them had a brown fleck. When the revolution came, her father bought land in Switzerland. She was 17 when they moved to Lusanne. She attended the Conservatory of Music and it was there at a picnic she met Arthur Louis Broderick. One of her teachers, Gantz in Lusanne had a nephew wo was the conductor of the St Louis Symphony. Vera came to the US to meet Arthur's parents. She spent 2 years here and returned to Switzerland when her mother died. Both her parents are buried in Switzerland. She married Arthur in Switzerland and moved to St louis. Sir William Matthew, a friend of president hoover had investigated the Broderick family to see if they were good enough for Vera, and approved. Vera returned once to Switzerland with her brother john and sister mary, and once in 1911 (date??) she and Arthur went abroad with Aunt Angela and visited Russia. All 12 of the children of William and Elise learned French before English and never learned Russian.


Anne, It is most kind of you to send me the detailed history of the Hubbard family and the many others associated with their lives. Absolutely fascinating. I think I have already given you some of the Gibson family involvement from the time of Edward Marriott Gibson. He committed suicide when the family fled Russia at the time of the Revolution at the commencement of WW1. I was never able to find his reason for doing this. His wife Margaret and her sons Edward Leslie Gibson and Humphrey Gibson continued their journey to Switzerland and I presume to the MacCallum family house in Lausanne.
My father married my mother in 1927 and I was born in October 1928. As a family we lived in Burma and Siam (now Thailand) my father working for The Bombay Burma Trading Corporation. At the onset of WW2 my parents and brother (Jonathon) were captured by the Japanese and interned. I happened to be at school in Sumatra. I won't bore you with the details that followed but if of interest I wrote a book called 
"Childhood Lost, a boy's journey through war" at the request of the Imperial War Museum, of my subsequent life, which I am told is also available on from Amazon. My father was executed by the Japs in 1944. Once again thank you so much for your email with all the wonderful family histories, Patrick (MR Gibson)