Chomeau Family Tree

from Beth

I am not sure about when we were kids if we played with any of their children.  Joan may
know more about this.  But I do know that Dick and Mary Chomeau were very good friends
of Betty and Phil.


from Anne

I believe they lived near us in Kirkwood and I remember visiting them with mother

email fom Beth

I am not sure about when we were kids if we played with any of their children.  Joan may
know more about this.  But I do know that Dick and Mary Chomeau were very good friends
of Betty and Phil

email from John to Jeanne


I must give you an honest answer.  I did not know Phil and Beth that well and was not 
aware that my parents had much contact with them.  I did hear the family mention them
from time to time, but there were not many occasions other than weddings and funerals 
when the Broderick family got together.

Now that I am the "older" generation--Alice is the only one from my mother's generation 
still alive on our side of the family, I guess many will depend upon me for family stories 
etc.  I now regret that I did not ask more questions while my parents and grandparents were
still alive---but I can recall many events and family anecdotes and will try to dredge them up
over time if you will pick up the slack make some orderly sense of all my "histoires"

BTW--how good is your French?  I speak French and Russian and thanks to Maria a little 

~John (Jeannot) Chomeau


Wow.   That is a mouthful, and I love it.
My aunt Beth said your folks and her folks (my gradnparents) were very close.   Do you recall your folks being close with Phil & Betty Broderick?   If so, what kinds of things did they do together?  

Do you remember them?

Arthur Philip Broderick & Betty Broderick


The Chomeau family tree is as complicated as the Brodericks.  Let me start with my 
grandfather Henri--who married a Douglass who died in childbirth.  He liked her sister
Varina so well that he then married her.  They lived in Clayton, MO where Henri was the 
county surveyor and laid out the city of Clayton to look like Paris with nice wide 
boulevards--today's citizens really appreciate the wide streets.

Henri and Varina had three children. The eldest Adele was a very good pianist and French
linguist.  She fell in love with an English professor at Washington U and he went with her
when she went to Strasbourg to study under a student of Liszt.  They had no children and 
Robert Starbird died soon after their return to the States.  Adele stayed on at Washington
University first a French teacher and then dean of women.  She wrote a column in the 
St. Louis papers, a couple books and was truly the Doyenne of our family.

The second in line from Henri and Varina was my uncle Henri II who married one of the 
Tatman girls (Phyllis).They lived in Kirkwood and had three sons.  Henri III (called Jerry
by all) is a strong, task oriented chap who did not like school.  he loved to work on things
such as the railroad switching system, electronics and things mechanical.  He now lives
in California and his wife died about 20 years ago. Henri III has two sons Henri IV (Ichi to 
the family) and Jimmy.  I must add that this part of the family (Henri II and his heirs) are 
fairly wealthy thanks to their ownership of the Reliable Life Ins Co (sold about 10 years ago
at a nice price).  The next of the three brothers was Bernal who recently lost his beautiful 
wife Janet.  Bernal was a star athlete in high school and the heart throb of all the girls.
I kept asking myself "what does he have that I don't?"  Bernal has three children. Doug,
Kathy and Stuart.  What is of interest to me is that most of the males are married to 
blondes named Susan--so we "Dusan, Stusan, Jusan etc.   The last of the Henri II descendents
is David who is married to Betty and they have two children.  Anne and Steve.  Anne has 
three children and Steve has two.

The third in line from Henri and Varina was my father Richard (Dick to much
so that instead of calling him Dad or Father I called him Dick).  He was in a horrible 
auto accident as a young man and his fiance dumped him for she did not want to be 
married to a cripple.  My mother, Mary Broderick, caught him on the rebound. Dick was 
in the real estate business in Kirkwood for years and Mary was quite active in local
history (wrote a book and edited a historical review).  She was a graduate of Wellesley
and was the perfect mate for my Dad.  I am the eldest from Dick and Mary and am 
married to Maria who was born in Greece and came to the States after the war.  We
have three children.  The eldest is Mary Frances (Mimi) who lives near us in Stafford
VA, is married to Tom Faha and has four sons (Matthew, Patrick, John and Alexander).
Matthew is at the USCG Academy and Patrick at VCU.  Our next in line is John who 
is an executive with a health insurance company and lives in Minneapolis.  He and his 
wife Gayle have one son Britton.  (so there are two John Chomeau, but he is not a junior--
I am Broderick and his Bryan as a middle name).  Next in line for me is my daughter 
Anne who was a real jock in school but is now a wife, mother and math teacher.
She and her husband Robert have two daughters Mikayla and Sarah.  The last of 
my children is Jason who is married to Vinni and has one 5 year old daughter

Finally there is my brother Richard (known as big Rick) who is divorced and lives in 
Ephraim, WI---need to say that Rick and his son (little Rick who is actually about 
6'3" tall), plus Anne, plus my son Jay and Steve all live in Ephraim and the rest 
come up there to their summer cottages.  Big Rick is a diabetic and has other health 
problems but he does quite will with his challenges.

Hopes the above helps you sort out all the Chomeau.  It can be quite a load if 
you attempt to take it all at once.

~John (Jeannot) Chomeau



First,  I have to comment on your first name--we have to be at least cousins 
for my first name (in the family) is Jeannot.

Second, I have pulled together a bunch of Broderick memorabilia for your review 
and potential use.  There is a high risk of duplication with what you have already
received from Anne and Bryan Broderick--but you can readily pick out what is new
and interesting.  I will put the package in the FEDEX system the next time I go
to Fredericksburg (our nearest office).

Third, I have included some B&W photos for in the years when they were taken
there was very little color photography.  My grandfather JKB was quite the 
innovator and one of the things he fooled around with was a home movie camera
and he did also some color photo work--believe Anne has copies of some of these.
He also built a small aircraft in his backyard, but unlike the Wright Brothers it was 
not a success.

~John (Jeannot) Chomeau


From John to Jeanne


I prefer to send the photos to you for scanning in that I do not have a scanning capability on my 
printer (a cheap Canon).  I will start to pull things together in the next few days and then when 
I get your fedex I will return it all to you for processing.  You will likely discover that Anne and I 
have many duplicates but you can work your way through that.  I have a good bit of anecdotal 
material--being the eldest of my generation and growing up only one block away from JK and 
Mabel.  But then there were some pretty naughty things I did with my first girl friend (Betsy Ann--
when we were both 5) in the area around their house.  Guess I can tell these stories now but 
were they really part of the Broderick saga?

~John (Jeannot) Chomeau



Many thanks for joining in on this worthy project.  I have indeed gathered a good bit of Broderick memorabilia and 
look forward to joining this effort.  May we nominate you as our central point of reference.  I am only somewhat 
at ease on my Mac so don't count of me for a lot of organization.  But I can scan in some photos etc.  One 
of the problems I have encountered is that I have many photos of the Brodericks (my mother's family and 
relatives) without annotation of who is who and when and where was the photo taken.  Behahps we can send 
some of the photos to present members of the clan and someone may be able to help.

Another key player will be Anne Broderick who has worked hard to gather as much data as possible on 
the Brodericks.

~John (Jeannot) Chomeau--son of Mary Broderick Chomeau (age 75)

initial email from Jeanne to Jeannot

John, Rick, Dick,
Bryan Broderick has copied me on his email to you.   I am 42, and Phil & Betty’s granddaughter.  John James Broderick is my father, one of the 8 children of Phil & Betty.

Im 42, and I have a couple boys now, and Ive decided to delve into this family history.   My hobbies include website management, and digital scrapbooking.  Im not much of a paper pusher.  I prefer organizing things on my computer and online.   Therefore, I have put together this website,   Note all the items on this home page are artifacts from the business JJB created.

Just in the last few weeks, Ive redesigned the home page of the website, and added several family trees on the right side of the big book and these link to the various family tree pages.   Though this is a work in progress, I hope to gather as much info as I can on the family.   Im not asking for the actual pieces to have in hand, but I’d certainly love the geneology, history, stories, pictures of family memoriabilia, and full color scans of pictures etc.

Just as I have uncovered some precious photo albums of JJB & Emilie, Ive also added Jill’s pictures.   There are great treasures here, and Im sure yall have some fun pieces too that can be added to the project.  Plus this is a fun collection for you to pass down to your families as well that includes their history.

If any of you are interested, and would not mind giving me info, I’d love to add your wing of the family to the project, and include any info/pictures you have of your wing’s ancestors etc.

Looking forward to your reply.



Note before you read the below.
Brodericks married the Bryans, and both families hung with the Norths, a very rich family that were close friends of the Brodericks, and I believe there is a marriage somewhere that connects the Norths to the Brodericks & Bryans.

Interesting note about how they knew Wild Bill Cody, and made a suggestion regarding his Wild West Show.

Below is documented from Mary Broderick Chomeau.