Email to Brad Bascom from Jeanne Shelton As it happened, I thoroughly resesarched Calvary with over 39 pages of family docs with about 7 different family names of the Brodericks and in-laws. Then one of JJB's son's wives had family at Bellefontaine, so we were in there. It was an impressive memorial for only 3 members of the Belz family (Broderick side). As we drove along, and on the main path (left side-I believe far east corner of cemetery, opposite end from William Clark), we saw the Bascom plot, much by accident. It was again a very impressive display. We got out, and to my dismay, my camera ran out of battery. However, I was able to take some iphone photos.

Joseph D Bascom 1849-1928
Mary F Bascom 1849-1932

Charles E Bascom 1878-1956
Elizabeth Evans Bascom 1916-1998
Ida Holliday Bascom 1888-1977
JD Bascom 1804-1871
FA Bascom 1816-1882
Joseph Holliday Bascom 1915-1994
L Bascom 1875
Mary Elizabeth Bascom 1913-2005


bascom plot at Bellefontaine

bascom plot bellefontaine

joseph d bascom and wife burial plot