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Anna Broderick    Fr. 145-2             4-7-  1881   


YES.     GRAY.

There are a total of 7 Gray's named but fewer caskets shown and so there are
two discrepancies.  There is a John R. Gray for a child's size coffin  but then added much later on the list with the same no. 1 is Eliza Gray.   So it is not clear by "this" whether
Eliza is an infant or an adult.  Two names but only one child's coffin in the drawing. 

 The date given for John R's burial is 11-1-  1883, and for Eliza Gray's burial is 1-30  1883.

Then, there are two adult size coffins in the drawing and they are:
       Robert Gray, buried on 11-18-  1921   and    Mary Cecelia Gray, buried 1-21- 1937. 

Main Questions -who is buried in the plot next to Anna?

We are comfortable that Patrick is at Calvary. but is he next to Anna?

Per Anne BB's plot pictured below, someone has handwritten Patrick. This could be because he was one of the first ones buried here, or possibly that since he was one of the first to be buried, he may have been moved later???? see note below.



broderick burial plot calvary

plot of Brodericks from Anne BB

Note there are 2 people buried in plot 1, 2 buried in plot 4, and 2 buried in plot 5. And also, Patrick Broderick died in 1868 before all of these, and he is NOT number one.