Questions for Aunt Jill


What happened to our family album?

Hi Jeanne,

Aunt Jill told me about a McCallum whose step-mother was not supposed to keep our family
album but she did and probably out of spite due to a divorce in the family.

Her son, whose name was Colin McCallum, I believe, probably now has it.  Maybe we can
find him and contact him.  I think he went to finished University at Stanford here in the States and
is most likely still here in the States somewhere.  I think Aunt Jill said that he may be a
diplomate or something like that. 

As long as he did graduate from Stanford, it may be able to locate him somehow by contacting
the alumnae assocation there.

Anyway, please make a note to ask Aunt Jill about this.  She would love to have it or at least to
see it.  She could tell you more about it.  She may not remember telling me about it many years
ago but she did.  I don't know how her memory is faring at this point.



pics to be sure to get

I will love to see a picture of Vera  Maud McCallum Broderick as a
young girl.  Aunt Jill has a lovely one of her and you will see it on your trip to St. Louis.
She also has a photo of Vera's lake home where she lived as a girl.

Also, Anne has one photo of 4 generations:  Granda Belz, Mina, and Betty holding Joan.  That would
be a good photo to put somewhere.  I think Joan may have a copy of it.

Also, at some point you will see a photo or photocopy of a photo of J. C. Muckerman with his 8
children and all their spouses including Mina and Francis X.  I was sure to get Mom to name all
of them before she left us and I have all there names somewhere which you will need.  I don't think
Joan knows them all.  It even shows my great aunt Rose Ezzell whose headstone at Calvary your
dad kissed, remember?  She and her husband lived in Texas.  Harry was the wealthy oil man.  They
had no children.



  Aunt Jill has a photo of Vera when she was quite young so if you can scan it, that would be terrific.  Anne
  And Aunt Jill also has that specially made up album.  It is made up like a book and has special
paper between each page.  You will want to scan that one also.
Lake Michigan House - Muckermans

-----I believe my grandparents Frank and Mina Muckerman owned a small home.  I remember seeing photos of it but it was no mansion. ~Anne.

-----Mom called it a cottage and not a house.  I think Frank and Mina probably did own it because
they would vacation there quite a lot. 

The cottage is in the 16mm film that is being made into DVD so we will all be able to see it soon.


----The cottage was at the top of a high hill with lots of trees all the way up it and it had wooden steps
all the way down to the beach.

I think it was located in Grand Haven on Lake Michigan. 

Anne, doesn't  "Grand Haven" sound familiar to you?    It does to me.


----I meant to say South Haven.  

Joan and/or Aunt Jill may know more about this and Jeanne can ask her when she goes to
St. Louis.


Lake Michigan House - Brodericks


Can you find out what city or town it was where the Kern's had their mansion in Michigan and
how far away it was from the Lake Michigan?

It may have been very near our family's summer cottage on Lake Michigan. 

Our old family movies that Jane and I are having made from 16mm to DVD has on them a section
with Aunt Angela's adult children and their spouses running down a huge sand dune and diving
into Lake Michigan.  There is a shot of Aunt Angela in a swimming suit diving along with them
into the lake.

Mina, Frank, Grandma Belz, Betty, Phil and the first four kids would all go up at the same
time.  So the Angela Broderick Jennings' brood would all be up there at the same time as Dad and
Mom and her parents.  That is how Mom got everyone on these films that she took.

And Frank and Mina Muckerman were very good friends and bridge partners with Arthur and Vera
Broderick before and after Mom and Dad met and got married.  But I don't know if they went to
Michigan at the same time although we still may find some photos with them.

Also why don't you make a note to ask Aunt Jill if she would go up there with her first cousins, Ivy
and Maureen, etc. and her aunt who was Aunt Angela.  I refer to her as Aunt Angela because 
my dad did but she was really my Great Aunt Angela.


Mudds Grove / Argonne

where is the painting above the fireplace....

probably not related to us, but fascinating painting.

Mom saw this painting in 1972 and thinks it was not likely our family, but that she could not take her eyes off of it.

Picture of a sleigh. No horse in pic. Close up of the sleigh in the snow. Oil painting taken from the front left looking at the sleigh. People in the sleigh wrapped in robes and their faces bright and shining and they are enjoying the ride.