Elizabeth Muckermann "Lizzie"

born 8 Sep 1863 in St Louis Mo
died 9 Nov 1891 in Creve Coeur Mo

Sep 2011:
I got a wonderful email today (shown below) from Jeny Mahon regarding a ring she purchased online with the engraving inside "Lizzie Muckermann" . Jeny explains she would like to get this ring back to the family of Lizzie.

Could it be Elizabeth Clara Muckerman 1872?

I have researched my direct line, and find only one possibility, which is

  • Elizabeth Clara Muckerman (b 13 Jun 1872, d 25 Oct 1963), who is the daughter of Christohper Herman 1840. Elizabeth had plenty of kids.
  • This could be the original owner of the ring, but not her kids as they were Sanders.
    However, I dont believe this is the correct "Lizzie" because every child of Christoper Herman 1840 has already changed their name to have only one N.

    And it could not be anyone born after 1918 as the name was then Muckerman, one N, as per one of the 3 family books I have in my possession (Jeanne) as of 2011.

    I believe it is most likely Elizabeth "Lizzie" Muckermann 1863-1891

    We dont have much information at all on this "Lizzie". She died at 28 years old, and we have no children listed. However, we have hundreds of decendents listed from all ofthe descendents from the original 3 brothers from Germany. So either we are missing this inormation and Lizzie did have children, or she died young and did not have children.

    However, Lizzie did have siblings, and I have found a granddaughter of one of these siblings that I am trying to contact. I have left a voicemail at a phone number, and as of Sep 2011, I am anxiously awaiting her phonecall.

    Email from Jeny regarding the ring:

    Hello, my name is Jeny Mahon and awhile back I bought an antique pink gold cameo ring on a jewelry website belonging to a guy in I think NY who just sold random pieces, some antique and some not. I love antique jewelry (my engagement ring is a Edwardian/Nouveau ceylon sapphire in platinum and diamonds) and this ring was a bargain so I bought it. When I received the ring I found an engraving on the inside of the band in old script. I couldn't read it very well and thought it said, "Lizzie Mucklemann" and didn't find anything on that name. Just today I decided to try again and my co worker (who is 14 years younger and has much better eyes than I do!) told me it said "Muckermann". Once she said that, it was obvious that was the right name. Of course when we googled Lizzie Muckermann we came up with your site! As soon as I originally saw the name inside I wanted to return it to the family, but I didn't have the name right until today. It's not very often jewelry is engraved and can be traced back to a family. So are there any Muckermanns still around who might know if this is their ancestor's ring and/or would like to have it? It's prtetty cool :) I'm not asking for any money, I'd just love to have it go back to the family. Thanks! Jeny Mahon


  • Christopher John Muckerman 1891-1981
  • Frank Xavier IV Muckerman 1891-1954 (my g-gfather)
  • Walter B Muckerman 189-1982
  • Ruth C Muckerman 1895-
  • Rose Marie Muckerman 1897-1981
  • Rose Ezell Muckerman 1900-1981